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Business meetings need to engage people!
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Meeting In A Box


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This is your comprehensive tool kit for creating the kinds of meetings that people dream of attending: well-run, productive, visual, and engaging.

Inside the toolbox, you will find a quick-start guide to jump start your ability to design and host effective meetings:

-8 wall-sized graphic meeting templates

-15 flipchart-size graphic meeting templates

-27 common business models designed as templates to use in meetings

- 200 "Picture This" cards with quotes to spark group creativity

-Our reference book, "To Meet or NOT To Meet"

-A pad of sticky notes


Picture This: Photo Quote Cards


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This set of 200 “Picture This” cards are all personally photographed, full color images on one side and carefully curated

quotes on the other. 

“Picture This” cards entice people to think outside the box. Use them for problem solving, innovation, creativity, plus for any activity in a meeting where you want to create discussion and interaction on any level.


Book: We've Got to START Meeting Like This!: Creating inspiring meetings, conferences, and events


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We know meetings--we've facilitated hundreds of them all over the globe. Events, conferences and meetings are necessary and yet very underutilized way to engage and communicate. Using a proven model for thinking about how to approach them so they create a chance for people to network and really engage with the content will make them not only more productive but a lot more fun!


Book: To Meet or Not to Meet


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Our reference book, shares the top 5 reasons meetings are unproductive, and then covers 10 tips for running practically perfect meetings.


Graphics and Graphical Templates - Call us for purchasing choices

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We offer a variety of printable graphics for all of your meeting facilitation needs. We can have posters printed and shipped to your meeting desitination or make digital downloads available for your own customization. Call us for options and pricing.